“We used LifeWise for a second-opinion and was given important and valuable information. It was particularly valuable to be able to define and access other competencies apart from the formal ones in the recruitment process.”

Charlotte Unosson, Managing Direktor, Vellinge kommun


A decision to employ a person is also a decision about future performance and results. The cost of a wrong decision is usually high.

Cost-effective methodology

We can efficiently take care of the whole recruitment process or if preferred, parts of it. Many of our clients use our expertise for search or second-opinion and value our highly reliable and cost-effective methodology.


Our extensive network enables us to match candidates to posts such as executives, management, specialised or expert roles.


It is relatively easy to evaluate formal competence. However, informal competences such as attitudes, values, motivation and behaviours are just as defining for performance and success. They can raise or destroy results. Unfortunately they are not as easy to assess. Social competence can also hide other weaknesses that can be difficult to discover.

We provide our clients with a particularly valuable “second-opinion”; an in-depth analysis of chosen candidate’s informal competences. Our methodology enables us to assess and predict factors such as personality, values, maturity, communication styles, motivation and behavioural patterns.

LifeWise Informal Competency Profile ICP™

LifeWise Informal Competency Profile (ICP™) is created for each recruitment post. It is also valuable after the recruitment process is completed as it provides useful information about the candidate, for development and/or collaboration with the person’s manager.

LifeWise Informal Competence Profile is also used in other areas apart from recruitment, for example leadership or team development, or whenever teamwork or collaboration is necessary for performance and results.

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