“The lecture which the consultant from LifeWise held for our department was extremely good.  The staff have expressed their appreciation of the subject, the focus and above all the way it was presented. I shall be recommending this to others.”

Anneli Jacobsson, Manager, Migrationsverket




Elite athletes know how to achieve optimal performance under pressure.

Research from neuroscience shows that relaxed, flexible people are more likely to perform better and create profitable organizations.

It is therefore important that leaders and their people know how to regulate their reactions to stress and pressure and create the attitudes and behaviours that produce top performance and results.

We train managers and teams so that they can integrate the knowledge and tools needed to reduce their inner level of stress. This enables them to perform to their full potential. We give people the strategies needed to create greater responsibility and ability to change and deal with their reactions to the triggers in the outer world.

We offer lectures, workshops or individual Cognitive-Coaching (CBT – coaching). Our simple and effective methods provide sustainable and concrete results.

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