“When leaders and teams gain the knowledge and skills to bring out their full potential, they not only experience greater work satisfaction, they also improve performance and results.”  

Kay Sanderson, MD, LifeWise

About Us

Organisions which excel at what they do, know how to bring out the best in their leaders, people and teams.

Our consultants are all developmental specialists, they have vast experience from a number of organizations as well as academic careers within the psychology and the cognitive and behavioural sciences. They are certified in coaching and a number of psychometric tools.

We use pragmatic models and tools based upon research within psychology, cognitive and neuroscience in order help people gain greater confidence, achieve better working relationships, attain greater well being, so that they can raise their game, and access their full potential. We believe that people need knowledge about psychology and the way the brain works in order to be able to develop their resources in the best possible way.

Our concept is ”A Better Way to Change” – to lead a transformational process which brings value to each individual as well as the organization.
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Who are we?

LifeWise was founded by Kay Sanderson 2001. Kay’s background is more than 15 years of management and HR-management. She has an honours degree in Social Studies (law, economics, psychology) from Sheffield University in England as well as further studies within HR at the University of Lund. Kay is an ICF certified coach (PCC – nivå 2 av 3) with over 1000 coaching hours and is a qualified cognitive behavioural therapist. She is also certified in a number of psychometric tools.

Kay leads an experienced network of specialists – all experts within their particular area of leadership and human resources and who share a passion for growth and development of people within organizations.


We support Idrotten i Lund, Barncancerfonden and Star for Life.