”The supervision we received from LifeWise was fantastic; professional, structured and methodic. We were given theoretical models and practical, useful tools. All in all it gave much more than any other type of supervision I have received previously.”  

Mira Nevecska, Unemployment Agency, Lund


Coaching Guidance

Learn, develop, get energised!

Are you a manager or a leader?

Do you work with HR or as an HR-manager or business partner?

Or maybe you work as a counsellor, social-worker, teacher or in the caring professions?

Working with people is rewarding and stimulating as well as a challenge. The way you work with people, your communication style, your approach and behaviours have an impact upon the results you achieve. Other people can also influence you, your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, in a positive or negative way.

Coaching Supervision gives you greater understanding of people; their attitudes, reactions and behaviours, and enables you to find the best way of dealing with people and situations so that you can achieve your goals.

Coaching Supervision is also an excellent way to continually develop your professional skills. It can help you to better deal with negative stress and to better meet todays pressures and demands.
We coined the term Coaching Supervision (Coachande Handledning) 2004. For us, Coaching Supervision is a unique service that combines the advantages of traditional supervision with the latest knowledge and methods within coaching, communication, behavioural science and psychology. We stay updated on research (particularly neuroscience) and willingly share our knowledge.

We work with organisations within both private and public sectors and have contracts with schools, municipalities and state organisations such as the Swedish Migration Board and Lund University.

Coaching Supervision is appreciated by management and staff, individuals and teams alike.

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