“I gained many tools which enabled me to bring out the best in every individual. Our group raised it’s performance and results, as I was able to adapt and optimize my leadership for every member of the team.”  

Mona Axman, Manager & Development Coordinator, Gambro Lund AB


Leadership is a exciting challenge. How do you engage and motivate your co-workers? How do create a safe space? How do you lead individuals and teams towards a shared purpose and goal? How do you use change to develop? How do you create a company culture with the approach, values and behaviours that strengthen the company’s position? How do you get your people to achieve top performance and results?

As a leader much depends on you, your behaviours and values. Our coaching and leadership development programme give you valuable space for reflection, learning and growth. We gladly share with you our expertise in psychology, coaching and other tools, making it easier for you to deal with situations, decisions and people.

We work with individual leaders and leadership teams as well as more complex leadership programmes.

Customized leadership development creates best results

Whether you are a new or experienced leader, at a hands-on or more strategic level, at a smaller company or within a large international concern, we will create a leadership programme carefully designed to match your developmental needs, which moves you on the fast track to greater confidence and performance in your professional role.

We share knowledge and tools from the latest research within leadership, e.g. Full Range Leadership and IMGD model. Our consultants are licensed therapists with assess to a wide range of tools, such as Leadforward, TPI, GDQ etc.

We offer executive coaching, leadership coaching and support as well as more extensive leadership programmes.

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