“We have used LifeWise several times for help with conflikt, collaboration and other difficulties in groups and the organisational and social work environment. We have very good experience and great confidence in LifeWise – they are very competent and professional in all situations.”

Ingrid Ståhl, HR-partner, Lunds kommun

Work environment surveys

We carry out surveys concerning the organisational and social working environment (OSA), conflict situations and investigations  concerning victimisation and discrimination in the workplace.

According to Swedish environmental legislation organisations should take measures to prevent and alleviate problems in the organisational and social working environment. Structured and detailed information can also help managers and HR to make decisions about how to tackle signs of difficulties such as stress, conflict or more diffuse elements such as structural or organisational improvements. We are able to carry out in-depth interviews according to situation presented.

Apart from a structured analysis we can also suggest appropriate measures to take and help you to create a plan of action.

Our method of investigation is based upon research within the organisational och social working environment as well as research concerning leadership, groups and organisations and the necessary prerequisites for creating a healthy and motivational  environment at work.

The methods we use, depend upon a number of factors; the situation, the information needed etc. We can use on-line evaluation forms, focus-groups or individual interviews.

Concerning claims of victimisation and/or discrimination we use the “golden standard” method of factual investigation, ie an investigation of the facts.

Our consultants that are responsible for carrying out surveys and investigations are licensed psychologists/licensed psychotherapists with vast experience of difficulties and issues in the workplace.

If needed we can also support and guide you concerning the implementation of possible interventions according the results from a survey or investigation, for example leadership support, group-work, conflict resolution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.