”The coaching I received from LifeWise helped me to structure and prioritize my tasks/personal goals during a period which was turbulent and uncertain. The coaching gave me energy and a sense of security in the decisions I made. It worked very well. I shall recommend LifeWise in the future.”  Mikael Turunen, Chef, Astra Zeneca, Lund


Career development –  Outplacement

We offer –

  • Career development for high potentials
  • Coaching and career development in the event of termination of employment, merges or closures

Career development

Employees who are aware of their motivators and goals take responsibility for their career development. Research has shed light on this fact and many organisations today are investing in career development programmes and career centres. By increasing the individual’s awareness of different career opportunities based on their motivation and drive, it becomes easier for employees to plan and take responsibility for their own career.

Career change

When a company closes or merges with another, one wants those affected to be able to continue a successful career as well as maintaining a positive view of the organisation that they are leaving.

Coaching and practical advice

Our structured programs help those about to terminate their employment to create new opportunities. We provide support and tools to strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence thereby supporting the person’s ability to take initiative. We provide coaching, practical advice as well as access to a large network of contacts, in order to create the best opportunities for a continued successful career.

For managers

It can be tough as a manager or leader during a period of changeover or liquidation. Information and communication are imperative during this process and equally important is the way you deal with the reactions that occur. We offer knowledge, guidance and enabling you to more efficiently communicate and manage every situation.

Termination of employment

There are times when an employee needs help to move on from their present place of employment. The employee may no longer be motivated, and wants to move forward lacks the courage and ability to do so. We give support and practical training so that the employee can be successful in their application to work that matches their ability and motivation.

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