“We have for many years used LifeWise services for support and counselling for our staff, both managers and workers. The feedback has always been positive. LifeWise is warmly rekommended as a partner to organisations in difficult situations.”

Ingrid Ståhl, HR-consultant, Lunds kommun






Psychological crises and difficulties are a part of life and can occur in the workplace as well as at home. Early and effective psychological support and intervention can make all the difference to the effects of the difficulties.

We offer crisis intervention and workplace counselling for emergency situations, loss, stress, change, relationship or collaboration issues, death and illness or other types of problems. You can rely on our vast experience of dealing with all kinds of difficulties. We offer support and counselling for both managers and employers, individually and when appropriate with a group.

Effective intervention at an early stage can make all the difference to how well individuals and groups can move forward. It can prevent sick-leave or enable an employer to return to work earlier after sick-leave.

Often employers will want to support an employer even if his/her difficulties do not concern work or the workplace. In this event it is appreciated that we in our other organisation, Wise Living  www.wiseliving.se offer counselling for private persons which means that the person after a few sessions provided by their manager,  can continue their therapy with a referral from a doctor at their local surgery.

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