“It is essential that a leadership team works efficiently together, that they have a shared view of the goals to be achieved and that they achieve results. LifeWise way of working instilled confidence and trust and gave tangible results.”                                                                                          

Anders Larsson, MD, Open House Production AB, previously MD BoKlok AB


Groups seldom achieve high performance automatically. Even if each member has strong formal merits and they get on well, it is not a given that the team will perform together at their full potential.

However if the group members are trained in effective collaboration and high performance teamwork they will know exactly what they need to do in order to achieve success as a team, bringing greater work satisfaction and better results. When groups have the knowledge and tools needed to train and measure their collaboration, amazing things happen.

The methods we use are scientifically proven, based upon many years of research.

Measure and develop the team’s performance

We can provide an introductory lecture or create a complete programme. In that case we begin by measuring the team’s present development phase and level of effectiveness with GDQ (Group Development Questionnaire developed by Susan Wheelan).

Based upon the team’s results a training program is created to develop the team’s behaviours to a higher level of efficiency and performance.

We may work with personality profiles JTI/MBTi (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) in order to create greater understanding and flexibility of behaviour among the individual members.

We know that changing behaviour is a challenge. We therefore combine different tools from cognitive and behavioural psychology in order to provide teams with the knowledge and training required to achieve top performance.

Dealing with conflict

If the issue you need to address is destructive conflict it is essential to take the correct measures to deal with it. We offer concrete and effective methods that help leaders and groups prevent and deal with destructive personal conflict and non-productive behaviours.

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